How Short Is Your Fuse?

Over the past 4 months I have down quite a bit of traveling coast to coast and points north and south and what I have noticed that the “fuse” on folks is becoming very short.  I have also noticed that there is a large group in the population who has “resignation” about things.    What about you?  The next time you are out in public, take close notice of those who are standing around you, in front of you and behind you while you are buying things.

Do you think ahead when you go out?  Do you think about the time of day, or what the store might be like at that time of day?  Do you charge out in a rush after an argument and use shopping as a release valve? 

All of these are things that can set us off.  I use a little tactic when I go shopping. I plan the time of day and where I go.  When I pull into the parking lot and it is full of cars, I take a moment and breathe deeply and just check in with myself and say, “OK it is going to be crowded in here, there are going to be people who are in a rush, take a moment and write your list down and remember you are not in a rush, you can be polite and take your time.”  I then walk calmly into the store.  I am aware of the environment and I do not get caught up in the frenzy.  If someone is in the line and being extra loud, impatient or they have children who have just had it, I do let them go ahead of me.  To me it isn’t worth the added stress to stand there and listen to the gripping.

Awareness is a huge skill that pays big dividends in life.  Where are you on the awareness scale?  Are you at a 1 or are you a 9.875?  Very shortly, you will have the opportunity to expand and raise your awareness level in all areas of your life. 

Until then, during this wonderful time of the year, kick your awareness into high gear and atune yourself to what is going on around you.