How Is Your Receiving Signal Now?

Five posts ago we began a journey on your own Digital Signal being put out there to the world and how your own Internal Receiver receives the messages that are sent to you every second of every day.  So, how did you do on those four days of questions and assignments?

You know it is my experience that “Soul Searching” when it comes at an auspicious moment in our lives can be quite transformational.  When it comes into our environment and gets converted into guilt, fixing, judgement and whatever other name you call it, this can be quite like adding fuel to the already stoked fire.

A couple of days ago, I was in my car running errands just like you do and I heard an interview with a woman who talked about being raised in an environment of “shame”.  Since I came into the radio broadcast after it had started, I did not have the context for what was being talked about, however, that started the wheels in my own head to turn.

I thought about how many of us have been raised and shamed into guilt for our dressing, our behavior, our grades, our performance in general, our reasoning skills, and any other thing that you can remember as a kid.  Today we really call that type of behavior “bullying”.  What I know is that when I started to apply this “test” to my own thinking, I kept coming up with the same answer, over, and over again.  I had been shamed into proper behavior or submission.  Perhaps you can resonant with that?

When we receive those signals coming into our own receiver, we do look at them and interpret them through a filter, and they do get scrambled up and what shows up on the outside as our picture can truly be confusing and hard to view.

What I want to leave you with is that, you are very worthy of your choices, your righteous anger, your disappointment, disappointing others when necessary, standing up for yourself, living your life to its fullest and for the decision to “ask” for what you need directly in plain English to those from whom you need it the most. 

I sincerely hope that you have learned at least one thing you can implement from this series of blog posts and than you have moved forward to a better place in your life.