How Do I Become My Own Job Generating Machine?

How Do I Become My Own Job Generating Machine?  Now that is the 24 million dollar question.  Do you have any ideas about how you go about doing that?

What I would like you to do is to actually write down everything that comes to mind.  Just go ahead, get out a sheet of paper and begin to list all the ways you think you could be your own job generating machine.  What does that person look like?  If you were writing a advertisement to place online or in a newspaper to hire someone to fill this position, what would you put down as the skills that person would need?

Last time I asked you to put down all of your own skills that you possess.  Take out that list now.   If you wrote a list in the traditional way you probably have a long line by line item list on the left side of the page.  So now fold it in half the long way and now list all of the the job positions that you have ever been employed as.  Here’s an example:    Coffee Barrista @ coffee shoppe,  Mall Store Inventory Clerk,  Discount Chain Cashier, College Financial Aid Employee, Freelance writer for local town newspaper, Receptionist to a local dentist, etc.   You get the idea.

Now open your paper so you can see both lists.  How many of the same skills that you have are used in each one of those jobs that you have held up to today?  I bet over time you can see how your own skills have been built up and become more complex and more varied with each place you were employed.

Each of these previous places of employment still need those skills in order to run as a business.  Correct?

Each of these places of employment represent an entire industry that needs these same skills.  Correct?

Each of these industries as a whole are cutting back on employees, but they still have to get the work done by someone.  Correct?

So what if you with your vast skill-set and knowledge were to give a company an employee who met all of their needs, had the skills that they needed, was not going to be on their books permanently , would work by the job assignment for a specific dollar amount and deliver that completed job within the time frame needed for the employer.  You would present this offer in a formal manner, in a professional manner jumping through the correct professional protocol to be a “freelance supplier” of specific business skills.  You would bid out each job that you could do for the business, you have a contract, your negotiate your rate, by the hour or by the job, the contract is signed and you do the work and you get paid.  You look for your next freelance job.

Who is in control of your destiny?  Y-O-U.  Who set their own business hours?   Y-O-U.  Who decides how much money you make?  Y-O-U.

There are millions of people who work in just this scenario everyday and make a very good living.  When they want to take a vacation or a day off they plan for it in their own business cycle and they go to their children’s soccer games and graduations and plays and such.

Who is more knowledgeable about how really good you are as an employee than Y-O-U?   Create the job of you dreams and go after it.

If you enjoy doing the 8 to 5 bit, the commute, the stress of a yearly review, asking for days off, the competition, gossip and back biting that goes on in the traditional marketplace, then post your resume everywhere and answer a hundred want ads and try to get through to human resources and sit back and wait and see the job offers roll in.

I am not saying that you cannot do both.   You certainly can.  You will be exhausted and you should know this ahead of time.  You can do one while waiting for the other to come through.  While you are waiting, you might just find out that this new “freelance” life suits you very well and you will look for new ways to expand your offerings and new ways of getting really lucrative jobs through this method.

Again, if you are not taking into account where you and your family are financially, you are headed for a real wake up call.  Take stock your your financial well being this week!