Honoring The Process of Wisdom

I am a member of a large international mastermind group.  I have a partner and daily we interact and we are accountable to each other.  In tandem with this group, I have my own daily routines of my responsibilities as a wife, mother, coach, running my home, doing my own routine, my business and my own personal spiritual growth, through reading, writing, and deep study.  So you see, I am just like you, in that I do have a very full plate each and every day. 

Yesterday, I had what I thought was going to be an opportunity for growth in one specific area in my professional life.  I planned, paid, set out my clothing, did what I needed to do in the other areas of my life and then gave myself double the time I needed to travel to my destination.

I was enjoying the light traffic in the New York City vicinity and the sunshine although it was only 34 degrees when I came upon some traffic delay just 4.1 miles from my destination.  I told myself, “…no worries…I have 45 minutes before the event begins…”.  Four hours and 47 minutes later, I reached the exit to enter onto the surface street to my event.  There were exactly 12 minutes left in the event. 

There is a ton of learning in those 4 hours and 47 minutes. The most important lesson of Wisdom, through living the Process did not come until 16 hours later, when I was in my own spiritual study and assignment for my mastermind call.  At that moment, I learned what I was doing there yesterday morning; of “Being In The Process”.  The Wisdom hit me over the head like a ton of bricks!  However, I would have never learned this HUGE LESSON, unless I would have gone through the process.  (Just to ease your nagging mental question, No, I did not learn patience, it was a much bigger lesson, which I will not go into at this moment.)

Here’s the thing,  my own focus was on something very specific, however, the big accident which was miles in front of me that had happened long before I left home, was there to teach me to “honor” a specific group of people whom I have not yet met, at an event that I have not yet planned, in order for me to learn to respect their proximity to the place of imparting wisdom to them for their convenience and not my own.

When life throws up a curve ball, look beyond the ball, reach out and catch the ball and step back and see the bigger picture of the process of learning in the living of the experience itself.  Then and only then can you truly “honor” the lesson being given to you.

I would love to know if you have had one of these lessons recently and what you learned.