Home: What do you believe?

This is another topic in a series about our beliefs about twelve very specific areas in each of our lives.

I can feel your push back from here.  This is not a religious question.  If however, you are a religious person, no matter what your religion is, this will have a bearing on how you interpret what I say in this post.

Okay, so this is the question around the area of:  HOME/YOUR PERSONAL ENVIRONMENT.    I am talking about the place you go to every night.  For some of you that might be an apartment that you share with a roommate, perhaps you are in college and you share a room in a dorm with another person, perhaps you have a 5th floor walk up or even a lovely home in the country with horses running in a field outside your window.   Home is where your heart is and where you go to for peace at the end of a busy day.

What belief do you hold about your HOME/YOUR PERSONAL ENVIRONMENT?

Where did you get that belief from?

Does holding that belief still serve you today?

We all live and grow through seasons in our lives.   A big home with 5 kids running around in your 30’s is one thing, but when you are about to turn 60 and it’s just the two or one of you that home no longer serves you.    The opposite is also true.  Perhaps you are a young couple in a one bedroom walk up and you have one child and another on the way, the home you are currently in no longer serves you needs.

This is a very simplified explanation of the concept, but you get the idea.

What is still relevant in your home and what do you actually use on a daily, monthly, seasonal, or yearly basis?

What are you holding on to for the “what if I need it” mentality or ..”I’m going to save it for my kids when they grow up..”?   Do you know that right now there are people in need who could use your surplus in your community and have no money to purchase what they need?  It is my experience that your kids won’t want what you want to save for them and they will have their own ideas about how they want their homes to look and feel anyway, so let go of the stuff.

You will be amazed at just how light and free you feel!

What else is no longer serving you in your home?

Our homes are a place of refuge, serenity, and calm and peace.  If you home is on steroids, it’s time to take back the control.

When will you ask yourself these three questions about your HOME?




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