Home Sweet Home

The concept of home is where your “story” begins and it is where you “history” begins is very true.

Humans are a funny lot.  We have sights and sounds and smells which trigger us in all sorts of ways.

When “Labor Day” rolls around where does you mind go?

What about “Thanksgiving”?

It you see pink and red hearts all over town where does your mind go?

What about a red dress or the pink ribbon?

If I say Uncle Sam, what image pops into your head?

When we think of “home” it can be a warm loving feeling and though that comes to mind.

Yet, to others this conjures up pain and anger, and memories which they would rather forget than to cling to.

Home is a very special extension of who you are inside and out.

It says volumes about your character, your habits and your dreams.

Think back to the very first place you called your own?  Once you had the “KEY” in your hand, what was the first thing you did after you opened the door?

What was the one very specific item that made your home “YOURS” uniquely YOURS?

If you are still living at home, your own expression and extension of you is your room.  It too speaks volumes about who you are and what you are all about.

What is your “home” saying about you?