Home & Mental Corner Stone

Today, I’d like to know what is the condition of your “personal space”, “your home”  as it relates to this notion that we each have eight areas in our lives which are built on  four corner stones?

Is your home welcoming?  Is your home organized and stress free?  Is your home appealing?  Is your home a mess?  Is your home healthy?  Are all your appliances in good working order?  Are there dishes in the sink?  Is there a sparkling tub?  Your answers are either heavy and cause you stress or your answers bring a smile to your face.

I grew up in a time where I learned how to iron pillow cases and fold underwear neatly in my drawer.  When I went to college, I rebelled and I didn’t iron anything and I stuffed my clothes in my drawers.  Do I hear you laughing?  What do you do?  Are you still rebelling at the age of 33, 44 or 55?

I have places in my home which “are my spaces” and no one is allowed to touch or move a thing.  I may have a project that I am in the midst of, or I may be in the process of rearranging something and I can only work a little bit at a time on that room or thing.  We all need a space and place of our own.  It doesn’t matter what age you are. 

When I was first married, I used to embroider and I made a sign that I still have today.  It reads:  “A home should be clean enough to  be healthy and dirty enough to be happy.”  I still live by that rule.

I am not living in a museum.  I live.  I live in a home.  Sometimes it is spotless and other times it is what it is.  However, I do not obsess over it being perfect.  I learned to let go of that a long time ago. 

We as adults need to set what is our own standard of living for ourselves, our spouses, and our families.  To some it may be a spotless, clean, clutter-free environment.  To another toddler it is a room full of stuffed animals, trucks, books and fun.  To a cook it is a kitchen full of appliances, a full pantry and pots gleaming in the sun.  To a gardener, it is a home bursting with green foliage, and bright flowers blooming everywhere.  We are all so different.  Our standards are different. Our level of comfort and cleanliness is different.

What is the same for each of us is that we need a space called “Home” whatever that is for you.  And that place called home must satisfy something deep inside of you in order for you to fulfill that deep sense of “place” in order to have a healthy strong corner stone.