Hiding Under the MASK!

Do you just love getting a facial?   I don’t know, I usually do not give myself this luxury.  Perhaps once every 5 to 10 years is my regular facial.  When you get a facial do they every do the “MASK” on you?  I know that when you look at a spas brochure and you see a woman lying on the table, draped in white with a nice neat white turban on her head and two cucumber slices over her eyes and then the “green” or “brown” mask mud perfectly outlined on her face and you peer at it and wonder:  “Who is that?”

Well, we can’t tell who the woman is.  Probably she doesn’t recognize her own face and body all over up with the tools of the spa trade!

In life we often look like that woman on the facial table.   We are “masked” and no one knows who is under that mask.

There are lots of different kinds of masks that we don every day just like the hats that we wear every day.

It’s all part of the facade we live it each day of our lives.

These next several blogs will be about the five masks that we wear and how to take off the mask.

Before we begin, what mask do you think you are wearing right now?