Hello November 2022

2022 is the year of my own small groups study on “PRAYER.”  Our group has studied 6 different small group studies on the topic of PRAYER.  These women have grown spiritually in ways they would have never imagined in a traditional small group.  I recently sent the following text to my group reminding them this:

“Prayer is the Access Door to God!”

As we end this year’s study on PRAYER, I want you to remember the following: 

When you pray, ask GOD these:  Lord – Show Me, Lord – Cleanse Me, Lord Use Me.  Ask the Lord to help you Pray First and Plan second.  He desires a deep intimate relationship with you, not catching your pray arrows each day.  He is waiting still even now for you.

I once heard this story, and I will relay it to you through my perspective.  A Christian died and went to heaven.  At the pearly gates Peter was waiting to give her the guided tour.  As Peter showed her around, they came to a big, beautiful building with tall gold doors.  She asked, “What’s in there?”  Peter replied, well I can take you inside but, you may be dismayed.  “I want to go inside the woman replied.”  Okay, I will take you.  Peter pushed open the huge gold doors and the woman was amazed at what she saw.  She saw row after row to infinity of beautiful boxes, on shelves.  “What are all these boxes?” the woman asked.  Peter replied, “Let’s walk down here a way, and I will find your box.” “MY BOX!” the woman exclaimed!  After they had walked a couple of rows, Peter reached up and pulled down a beautiful box.  He handed it to the woman.  Open it, Peter said.  The woman carefully pulled the bow and opened the lid.  What she saw took her breath away.

What are these she asked.  Peter told her, these are all the “Blessings and Favor” your Heavenly Father did not pour down upon you!  “Why,” the woman asked?  Well, when a Christian does not obey God’s precepts, commandments, and other laws, without repentance, and prayer, He puts them here, in a box with a bow on top and stores them on a shelf.

Now of course this is just a story, but it really gives meaning to prayer, and why it is important and why it is important for each of us to stay in God’s word and KNOW what HE expects of us as believers. 

“The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous [person] availeth much.” James 5:16

Read Psalm 66:18 “IF I regard iniquity in my heart, The Lord will not hear.” Iniquity here refers to sin lying in and staying in our heart.

Think of your prayer life as an open door which leads directly to Heaven and the Throne of God Almighty, who can do anything! 

Pray without ceasing.

Pray subject by subject.

Pray long and short prayers.

Pray simple and specific prayers.

Be sure to remain silent and still without distraction waiting on the Lord.  He doesn’t show up until you are fully in His presence, mentally and spiritually. [this is my experience]. 

I implore you to find a quiet secluded place of prayer.  If you have a closet or a corner in a room, or a room that is not being used, clean it out.  Donate what is in there.  My guess is the items have not been used or known of for a long time.  Make this place, a “Holy Place of Worship and Prayer.”