Hello January 2022

Congratulations, you made it to another trip around the sun to 2022! I want to start this year with some sobering news and end with a big dose of HOPE!

Last December, I attended a church service where some information was given to the listeners in attendance, and I furiously took notes. I will relay those notes here in the January blog.

Your shopping is now done, right? You’re catching up with everyone you care to catch up with is now also done, right? So, why don’t we all do something radical? 

  1. Your inbox must be full of the continuation of your spending spree from every supplier you purchased from. So, take a block of time and “unsubscribe from every entity that is sending you an email.” 
  2. Find one source for you need to know “news” which is not editorializing and listen or read-only once a week or every two weeks. Your action plan is to recognize we all suffer from “INFORDEMIC”! We simply do not know who to believe or what to believe!
  3. Set one priority for the month of January. Then follow through. Your action plan is to know that we live in a divided America. Know this, when Polar Opposites attract, things divide us and make us weaker.
  4. Take those Christmas cards and put them in the middle of your table and at each meal, take turns praying for the friend or family member that honored you with a card. Your action plan is to recognize we are all addicted to “FAKEBOOK” and to “INSTATRASH” and log off or quit using these as a go-to when we feel disconnected.

Here are some sobering facts:

2020 was dubbed the “great lockdown.”

2021 was dubbed the “great resignation.”

2022 is being dubbed as the “great separation.”

Why are these dubbed as such? Good question and the answers are obvious. With the onset of the global pandemic, the door opened for evil to sweep over the globe through fear, anger, mistrust, and darkness in every life on earth. Because of this lockdown, the lives, and behaviors of all those affected changed. Their thinking changed, their attitudes changed, their very souls changed, and not for the better. 

In 2021 after a “year of isolation”, things went from bad to worse, with suicides and hopelessness rising faster than any time in history. People lost their jobs, their dreams, and their hopes, so they simply exited the workplace even if this meant further hardship on themselves and their families. Don’t let burnout creep into your life now in 2022! This is a snare of Satan.

This year, 2022, is called the “great separation” because many of these same folks are no longer willing to remain in the relationship they were in lockdown with. Sound crazy; it really isn’t. When a relationship is forced into a small space with no outlet for interaction with others, no laughter, no outside friendships, no healthy access to outdoors, or activities once enjoyed, church fellowship was nonexistent, as well as other programs and services which uplift and add value and happiness to each of us. The microscope turns inward to what is within the four walls. Where there once was love, the person finds fault, boredom, and a host of other factors which normally would be avoided. So hence divorce is predicted to rise significantly in 2022.

Okay, now for the good news!

When we are in a relationship with Christ, He is our hope and salvation. He is the one we lean on in times of hardship. Thank God we had online church services, small groups, and other platforms where we could see each other and connect.

  • “A life that remains unchanged is a selfish life.” Your action plan is to become a “changed” person this month!
  • “You can know God’s presence every day!” Your action plan is to maintain your vertical relationship with God by being in His word and praying and listening for His voice.
  • People who are changed – CHANGE the world Your action plan is to become a changed person. Join a global group of transformation change tables.
  • “People who are connected CHANGE the world.” Your action plan is to connect with like-minded people and CHANGE the world right where you live.
  • “One snowflake is beautiful, but a pile of snowflakes can change everything!” Your action plan is to join others and become change agents. Be of one accord.
  • “We are never “home alone.” Your action plan is to be cognizant of the Holy Spirit within you 24-7-365-eternity!
  • “God values you!” Your action plan is to get reconnected! Go to church. Join a small group and be diligent about what you are studying. Be in God’s word every day! Pray without ceasing.

Hey, if you need help in any of these areas, there are professionals ready and willing to help you! I am one of those people. Send an email to me, and I will reply to you and connect you to someone who can help you sort out things. 


Hello, I am Janice Bastani.  I am a trained coach, mentor, facilitator, and a person who values you, and what you are going through.  When I work with a client, I come along beside you and walk with you through the process of becoming whole again.  You can change your world.  People change when they hurt enough, and they feel they must change.  Sometimes people change when then learn enough and still others change when they have enough.  Which one are you?

You have it within you to change!  I believe in you. 
God loves you!


Reach out and let’s get started.

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