Hello August 2022

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Our perception of life changes year to year as we live. We all have experiences, joys, failures, concerns, unexpected events, and the routine of daily life. We live and work. We volunteer. We raise and launch children. We must accept the limitations of our age, healthy and unhealthy years. We take care of aging parents and wayward teens. We struggle to understand our ever-changing society and cultural norms, and all of this can seem like sand retreating under our feet.

One important thing I have learned over the almost seventy decades is this:  I must lean solely upon God no matter what is going on in my life. Start my day and end my day with prayer. I envision Him beside me, walking with me as my dearest friend talking and praying as we walk and asking for forgiveness for the inevitable missteps I take during the day.

I recently read a book filled with golden nuggets of wisdom, and I would like to share some of these with you here in the August Blog. Some of these are just wise statements, and others are thought-provoking questions.

What in your life is pulling you out of God’s will?

It requires your full attention and participation if you want to change something in your life.

Some days in life will be easy, and some days will be challenging. It is your focus and attitude which will make the difference.

Your transformation is one step in front of you. You, however, must take that first step yourself.

Your transformation is one step in front of you. You, however, must take that first step yourself.

Principles never change.
What are the principles you are living by?

God never changes. He is the same in the beginning, here right now in your life, and He will be the same in eternity.

The Bible is full of God’s promises.
God always keeps and fulfills all of His promises.

If you are stuck in these “phrases” – “I have to,” “I should,” “I need to,” “I must.” Then you are choosing to stay in a mindset of being a “VICTIM” in life.

Change your non-verbal, written, and spoken words to these:

Jesus loves me just as I am, with all my imperfections.

Jesus loves me this morning.

Jesus loves me this afternoon.

Jesus loves me tonight.

Jesus loves me every moment of my life.

Change your mindset to this positive affirmation about who you are what you get to do today:  “Today I get to to live healthy!”

“Right now I choose to to take good care of my body, mind, and soul.”

“Today, I choose to pray.”

“Today, I choose to read God’s word.”

Today I get to pray God’s promises back to Him.”

“I am no longer a prisoner to Satan’s will, lies, and snares.”
“When I stumble and fall under Satan’s will, I lose my focus and my freedom; until I turn and repent and am forgiven through grace.”

Today this is what I choose and get to do and what I want to do to live in the light of God’s forgiveness and grace.

Did you know GOD wants a life which is BEST for You?

You are His chosen child.

God wants you to live in His Light!