Health & Your Mental Corner Stone

Before I even begin to post today, I know what you are going to say:  “…I am not even on the list …on this one…”.  You know you are probably right.  As women it is easy to schedule the children for their back to school appointments, dentist, orthodontist, eye doctor and so on.  I bet you probably do schedule your yearly examine with your gynecologist and get a mammogram, and probably that is it.  Perhaps if you can squeeze into the eye doctor and the dentist at the same time as your children you do.  Perhaps it is just too much of a hassle. 

When I was first exposed to this thought:  “You cannot give, what you do not have”; it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I had nothing left to give because my health was deteriorating and deteriorating fast! 

What I found out is, that if You do not stop, your body will stop YOU!  Your body will slap you up beside the head and say:  “Hey!  Pay attention inside of here!  I have told you quietly,  I sent pain signals, yelled at you and now I am shutting you d-o-w-n….Maybe now you will listen!”  That is exactly what happened to me. 

The care of our bodies is a corner stone.  Without our health, everything else is meaningless.  We cannot function without health.  We cannot give out of our health if we do not have it. 

The next time you are at any doctor’s office making a visit for one of your children, make your appointment too.  If you are in a pediatric office, pull out your calendar (in whatever form that takes for you) and schedule your own appointment. 

It is also very important to pass this skill onto your young adult children.  When a young adult graduates from high school and college and parents are no longer around to remind them about the importance of “health” they will be busy with other activities and it will go by the way side.  You might even consider a “packet” of “health information” to give to your child along with their shot records as a “rite of passage”.  I am not above nagging on this one.  Especially with a young woman.  Young adults need to know how vital their health is and the health history of both sides of your family as they make their own way in the world.

Without a healthy body this corner stone is cracked and weak.  A firm core cannot be built on it.

Take a moment to evaluate where you are in your own journey to optimal health.