Happy Sister’s Day!!!!

Did you know that the first Sunday in August is “SISTER’S DAY”?

I have three sisters!   How many do you have?

I did a little researching on the Internet and could not find where this originated so sorry, no details, however, I’d like to tell you about an annual event that my sisters and I do every year!

Over 15 years ago I ran across a book about how a group of college sorority sister’s missed seeing each other so they started this annual event where they would all meet somewhere on a certain date.  The first couple of hours they would catch up on their “family information and all about their kids and spouses etc.”, the rest of the time was spent on their growing relationship with each other.   No more family talk was allowed.  At the time when I ran across the book, I also saw an article in a women’s magazine about another group of sisters who were scattered far and wide and saw each other very little and they had done basically the same thing.  This got me to thinking about me and my sisters.  One lived on the east coast, I lived on the west coast, one lived in the south, and one lived in the mid-West.   We never saw each other, and we all had children in school and there was never a time even when we could all be on the phone at once due to the time zones.

So, I got very bold and sent out this letter with lots of fan fare about doing what I called a “Sister’s Weekend”.  We would set aside a specific time each year and travel on Friday and Monday and spend Saturday and Sunday just on US!  It didn’t go over so big at first.   I told my sisters with the youngest children that even if you spouse does nothing, the kids will still be alive when you get back.  They are all old enough to dress themselves and grab fruit, milk and make a PBJ even if Dad forgets to feed them.

After much turmoil and hand wringing.  We had our first “Sister’s Weekend” and I hosted it.  I ran it like a boot camp so the rules and the parameters were set and we all had a hand in giving our input.

Fast forward to “Sister’s Weekend # 6” and we are still going strong.   We finally have a firm date that does not change except for weddings, funerals or new grand babies!

When we arrive on Friday….all the family talk is finished and we do not go there the rest of the weekend.

On Saturday we do all kinds of fun things based on which ever one of us is hosting the weekend.

On Sundays, we have a big “BLOW OUT BIRTHDAY PARTY”.   I mean with cakes, treats, balloons, presents (it’s the only time we give each other gifts and we have a budget (which no one really sticks to) and we all wear tiaras!

On Monday, we all say our good byes and are refreshed and renewed and our bond as sisters grows stronger every year.

It’s a great idea!  Do it before you regret not knowing your sister or sister – in – law better as you all grow older!