Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to all of your out there in the world!  I am in sunny Southern California!  I hear there is another snow storm at home on the East Coast.  I have tied up my own life and the past year of 2009 and am now looking out at the vast ocean (Pacific Ocean) of time which I am viewing as my own 2010.  What lies out there in those vast depths I do not know.  The adventure that awaits me, I embrace as pure joy and excitement.  What are you looking forward to?

Here is my personal client letter that I have sent to all my current and past clients as an encouragement of the bright days to come! 

“None of us is promised tomorrow”

 As I write this I am reminded that each of our lives is like vapor, it appears for a little while and then vanishes away.  What is motivating you this year?

 In December 2009, I was on my Master-Mind call and we were all talking about our plans and motivations for 2010.  As we talked our fearless leader came up with a list of the items that we had just laid out for the New Year.   I began to rewrite my notes in the dark of night and I saw a beautiful way to incorporate some of those ideas here for you.  Read them and decide for yourself where you are headed in 2010.

 Be Grateful

Maintain a positive attitude



Sit on a rock

The gift that costs nothing

Cut the Noise, Drama & Distraction

Sit in Silence

Listen twice as much as you talk

 Say Thank-you

 Find C-A-L-M

One Minute times two

Small Steep

Sleep On It

 Are you still with me?  I would love to give you a brief insight into each one of these items because I know they will lift you up and will give you pause to rethink what you are currently doing and where you are going with a “full steam ahead” mentality.  I would like to challenge that and take down a different track.

 Be Grateful          Look around where you are currently sitting; name everything within sight that you currently have.   I challenge you to each day to just keep a running list of “3” things that you are grateful for. 

Maintain a positive attitude                        What do you get from seeing life from the negative side?  Seeing things in the positive looks a whole lot better than always seeing what’s wrong.  I challenge you to change your negativity to positivity.

Give            Have you ever been in a line and you got a nudge to pay for the person in front of you or behind you?  I urge you to just do it and do not stop and think about why, or guilt or anything else, just do it.  When others are struggling you can often see it right in front of your eyes, but we tend to see past them.  I challenge you to give and give more freely and more abundantly.

Terrific!    Many of us come “preprogrammed” to “FIX-IT”.  So in order to use this gift and strength more, I would like to challenge you to the following;  the next time you are about to get “engaged” in a heated battle of the “problem”, turn it around and yell “TERRIFIC!”.  We are here to solve problems, let’s get started!

Sit on a rock        Our lives are filled with going, going, going; so go already, but take only your suitcase and a blank pad and pen.  Take a ride on a train a couple of hours one way and then come back.  Let the sound of the train and the scenery outside the window carry your thoughts and empty your mind and see what you write down on the way home.

The gift that costs nothing    Give yourself a gift everyday.  Step outside and drink in the sights, the sounds and the weather.  The gift of swaying trees in the breeze, the gift of birds singing and flying through the air, children laughing, a beautiful flower, the rain, the glistening snow, the sound of the surf.  These are free and all around us, receive them.

Cut the Noise, Drama, & Distraction        These three are some of the biggest stressors and energy drainers known to humans.  Turn off the news, get a new circle of friends that are positive, you are no better or worse than any of those you know, and stop running to and fro from unpleasantness.  Face these head on and plow through.

Sit in Silence      I challenge you to go to a chair and sit there in utter silence for 5 minutes.  Set a timer, turn off everything, close your eyes and sit there.  Do this every day.  Then increase your time in the chair.  Hey, falling asleep is OK!  Your body is telling you something.  Put the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth to center yourself and to concentrate.

Listen twice as much as you talk   There is an old saying that we have two ears and one mouth for a reason.  Why is this an important change in your life this year?  Your answers will be twice as wise when you actually hear what is being said and you think before you answer.  I challenge you to really listen.

Say Thank-you   We sometimes do this without thinking about what we are doing; it’s like the trite sayings of the 70’s “Have a nice day”…..  When you are about to say these very precious words – STOP – look the person in the eyes and extend your hand and then say Thank-you.  Then look at the reaction of the person.  Let go of the person’s hand when they let go.  How do you feel now?

Find C-A-L-M     This is different than your other two challenges.  Have you ever felt out of control inside and maybe even your hand is slightly trembling?  That is being out of control and trying to do too many things.  Again I challenge you to close your eyes and focus on just doing that one thing and then proceed calmly to the next, focus, complete and then move on. 

One Minute times two            In 2009 I gave myself a personal challenge to read in several books that are personally important to me each and every day for a certain amount of time.  I would give myself an 85% on maintaining that wonderful routine.  Here’s a challenge for you;  each day read just 1 minute in an inspirational book ( this could be the Holy book of your faith, or a book of inspiration) and then read 1 minute in a text of your chosen field (not on the internet…this leads to surfing and distraction).  Disconnect and sit down and read.  Before you know it, you may be up to 30+ minutes!

Small Steps         Look back over this past year and think of the times when you felt that you were “behind” or “off track”; got it?  This is a true sign of biting off too big a piece of the whole.  Step back and take a smaller bite.  If you are still in the same place….step back again and take a smaller step.  Once you get to the point that you are succeeding; you are at the right pace for your time, and talent.

Sleep On It           I am a big believer in saying “NO” when I am not equipped to say “YES”.  Recently, I was awakened to a new possibility.  When you are asked to take on something or to do something, instead of jumping right in with your answer; try this:  say:  “….Thanks so much for asking.  Let me sleep on it and I will get back to you….”   So, you get off the hook in the moment.  Sleep on it for a day or two or more if it is a big request, but do get back to the person or organization.  When you do this even your “NO” will be received in a different manner.

I am grateful to know each and every one of you that receives this.  My prayer for you in 2010 is that where ever your path leads that you are blessed, that you give thanks for everything that you have and comes your way, that you would lift up and support others who do not have your gifts, time and talent.

Life is good and God has showered blessing down upon me, my husband and our family this past year.  We are blessed.

You see you do HAVE A CHOICE!  Every single day you choose how and what you will be and that is your responsibility. 

What will you do today?  

Who will you be in 2010?

“BE in 2010”




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