Happy BIrthday!

Today just happens to be my birthday!  Happy Birthday Janice.  This is the last birthday I will spend in this home and this state.  I am moving WEST!

As I look at this past year, I am struck  by all the enormous changes which has taken place in my life.  My spouse and I have been living on the Eat and West Coast and visiting only every few weeks due to a job change.  We may be racking up the miles, but the separation has been hard.  Thank goodness for “Facetime”.  Just that little bit of seeing your loved one and hearing their voice makes the distance not so bad.  I have spent many long hours looking for a new home for us.  I calculated I looked at over 120 homes in our new state before we found one which we could work with.  We gave one of our daughters and her fiancee an Engagement party which was lots of fun.  We did the whole Kleinfeld’s “Say Yes To The Dress” in NYC.  We had a wonderful experience there. I exited on type of business and started a new one where I can help more people with more products.   I finished three books this past year.  I believe they will all be published in this next year.  I have my writing down to an art form and the words just flow.  I became a great aunt this past year.  In my professional life, I added three more credentials to my resume and read over 100 books, attended 6 conferences and expanded my knowledge base exponentially!

I don’t want to bore you with any more about me, what about your last birthday?   As you look back what do you see that you have accomplished, how has life changed and what have you done to expand and grow your knowledge base?

As I say every year…a big bunch of balloons and a Dairy Queen Root-beer Float and I am a happy camper!

Happy Birthday Janice!