Happiness In Your Life

Here is a radical statement:  “Your happiness depends on people that you don’t even know.”

Do you believe that statement?  My gut tells me that you really push back from it and you may even have a very negative reaction.

But, in truth this is where we live every minute of our day.   We live this way in our personal lives and our professional lives.

I don’t believe you, I hear.    OK, answer this question:    ‘Who is responsible for making your financial life better?” (now what I am talking about is the price of things, interest rates, availability of things, peace etc).

You might answer the “Federal Government, Banks, Financial Institutions, local law enforcement etc.   Right?   So using our college logic course “Logic 101”, we can deduce that “Your financial happiness depends on people tht you don’t even know.”   If is true after all. 

You can use this little exercise on almost anything  in your life.

Except to “Inner Happiness”!   That is the one thing that you do have complete control over. 

Recently, I was doing so research on the Internet and like most of you, I linked once too many times and found myself deep in the mysteries of people on this earth who have lived their entire lives in desperate moments in history and managed to get married, have children, raise them, educate them, make a living, launch their children and die and the world around them that they lived in was in turmoil in their geographic area their entire lives, and yet they managed to still be happy, to celebrate those holidays, special occasions and births, marriages, and life without having what we may feel is a necessity in order to have the celebration and through the celebration experience the “Happiness”.

What makes each of our hearts sing is very different.   It takes lots of heart to heart time to figure this one out. 

Your happiness comes from inside you first.  If you are not happy from the inside out, then you cannot genuinely give happiness away.   Think about that for a moment.  How happy are you inside right now? 

When we let worry, disgust, illness, loss and so on take first place we are doomed.  What would happen if they went right to the bottom of the list?

If you put those negative things which happen every day, every week, every month at the bottom of your list and when you got to them you said:  “…..you know, I don’t really care that this happened, this number 21, 24, 25 etc have no emotional connection to me so I will just tear off the bottom of this list and toss it….”  Now that is powerful!

Happiness is all around us every day!   We need to put on our “Happy Glasses” and start to smile!