Guests off to the Family Reunion

This year was the Midwest group of relatives’ turn to host the Family Reunion.  After much discussion about all the events, my husband and I decided to redeposit my airline ticket and to stay home to try to get the re-pairs completed and to continue to water our property.

There are so many  issues at work here, it is hard to image them all happening at once!   Our irrigation pump had failed( which meant that we had no automatic irrigation for our property, hence me watering 7 hours a day!), the backup generator has failed, the attic fans had failed, the pressurized pump which is needed for the swimming pool decide to rip (I mean literally RIP into) into and that had to be ordered.

I made the phone call about the reunion which was not received well, however, everyone understood under the circumstances.  My relatives called in the “Half Reunion”.  After all the “life of the party” wasn’t there – ME! HA!

I can’t say that that week here at the house has been restful.  No sooner had I put my guests on the plane than I began to feel severe cramping in my intestinal track.  I was in bed for three days and I tried to get up and out in the late evening to turn on the oscillating sprinklers and that was just about all I could manage.

I bit of toast and a couple of sips of water and I had to crawl into bed.