Growth Through Our Choices


So many choices, how does anyone know which one will lead to the outcome, goal, or destination they desire?  Do you realize that you are where you are today, because of every choice you have ever made in your life?  The past is the past and it ended last night, so let’s not blame everyone in our past.  If a manner of speaking, you chose to accept the things in your past.  You chose to believe what was said or course you took based on another person’s suggestion or even demanded.  

In this year’s focus, we are going to be exploring how our “Choices” grow us.  Many of us here in our community value education, the choice to be educated opened doors of opportunity for you, and your family.  Think back to a relative in your past who valued education; if you could ask that person what their two choices were [education and something else], what do you think they would tell you?  Their choice had an impact on your future today.

Many of us have absent teens at the dinner table tonight.  What choice have they made?  A couple of weeks ago I was in the grocery checkout line when I heard two women lamenting their busy schedules due to their teenager’s choices.  One remarked: “…I told [her son’s name], can’t we take a breath here, and not jump right into another sport and a performance….”  What was she actually saying? We can influence our children, and our young adults in the value of weighing the choices that are in front of them.

When you think back to your late teen years, what do you wish you had been taught about making choices that will impact the rest of your life?  There are so many great choices in the world and there are many poor choices too.  None of us can master, nor benefit from choosing every great choice that crosses our path in life.  Great choices are just “more” not necessarily of great benefit to our lives.

We have just turned the calendar to a new year. What choices have you already in these first few days?  How will those choices impact 2017?  Your family?  Your career?  

When we continually make poor choices, our lives decay, we are in a constant search for something to fill the hole inside us, and we have many lost relationships.

When we continually make great choices, we build a productive, satisfying life rich in relationships.  

What direction will your choices take in the next 12 months?

“Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made.  If you want a different result, make a different choice.”




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