GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES: What do you believe?

Let’s begin today by defining what I mean by the term:  Growth Opportunities.   A growth opportunity is a moment in life when a unique learning moment comes into your life and you have moment to decide to accept it or to reject it.   There is really no answer labeled “later”.  You either are in a place that you can walk through the door of opportunity or your are not in a place to walk through the door.

Growth Opportunities offer a unique learning and growing space for the person who is always available to cease the moment when it presents itself.  These opportunities do not for the most part cost money, they require us to recognize them and see them for what they are.  Everyday I coach clients who come to me with challenges.  These are challenges at all, they are tremendous growth opportunities dressed in the client’s perception that they are a reason to become afraid and see them as obstacles in their lives.

Do you see the unique perspective that takes place here?

So our questions are the same here as with our other areas of life.

What do you believe about Growth Opportunities?

Now these opportunities come in three very distinct ways and you will need to ask the question in each segment.

What do I believe in my professional growth opportunities?

What do I believe in my personal growth opportunities?

What do I believe in my spiritual growth opportunities?

I would be willing to bet, that you have NEVER thought to ask yourself these questions in this manner before.  What you will find is that this type of deep inner work really challenges who you are at your core and what you believe about yourself, not just the opportunity.

Now for the others; remember you need to ask each in light of each of the three distinct areas.

Why do I believe that about my professional growth opportunities? ….my personal… spiritual…..?

Where did I get this belief about my professional growth opportunities?….my personal….my spiritual….?

Does my belief still serve me in this season of my life?

Everyday in my professional life, in my personal life and in my spiritual life, I watch in utter amazement and in sadness at those people who are complaining and really hungry for success and forward movement, trash, throw away, ignore and literally are BLIND to the opportunities that are literally handed to them and they do not recognize them.

What about you?

What opportunities did you not see today?



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