Growth in Business & Private Life

Each of us has a moment in life when we just stop and see our reflection in the mirror a glass window and we say to ourselves:  “…what in the world are you doing?…”, we immediately shake our hair and move on so we no longer have to look at that reflection and continue to ponder on our way to where it was we were headed.  What causes us to stop and do that?  What is it inside of us that makes us want to stop and evaluate our total sum of our being at a reflection?

Some of us are stuck in dead end jobs and also in dead end relationships.  Some of us are in jobs that we took because we thought there was a pot of gold or at least a substantial benefit to having the job and on the personal side our love relationships all seem to end in the slamming of the door or a curt text message.  Who do you know who is thrilled in their professional life and in their personal life?  Call that person up and invite them out to a wonderful meal!  Then pick their brain on what is their secret. 

You see we each look at the world through a set of filtering glasses.  We each have modeled ourselves after someone else.  We each have pretty much followed someone else’s advice or in the footsteps of someone else.  But each and everyone of us chose that path voluntarily.  No one sat you down and said you must be an accountant or else…….you had every opportunity to stand up for yourself and say…..NO, I want to dance!….I don’t care if I don’t make much money, at least I will be happy doing what makes me soar!

If there is just one thing that you would change in the next few moments, what would that be?  Are there really wild dogs snapping at your backside stopping you?  Or is it that you are just  afraid of what might happen?  What would people say?  How would my family get along during the transition?  What if I fail?  Well, what would happen if you succeeded beyond your wildest imagination.  What if people think you are crazy, who cares, this is your life and not theirs.  You family will struggle and you may have to work two jobs to get by, but that’s a temporary state of affairs.

Your change, doesn’t have to be all at once.  It is possible to change things gradually until you are ready to make that big move forward.  There are lots of people out there to support you and who want you to succeed and the top person on the list is YOU and ME!