Growth In Business & Private Life #3

We are on a journey together in a discussion about path of growth in two major areas of our lives.  One area is our Professional Life.  The other is our Private Life.

In our first two installments we have learned how; “time” and “preparation” play an important role in this path of growth.  Today we will explore:  “PLANNING”.

The third factor is “PLANNING”.  Planning to grow takes evaluation of where you are now and where you want to be in 6 months, one year, five years, ten years and so on.  This is not static and it does not occur in a vacuum.  Keeping the plan fluid and reevaluating it and refining produces growth.

As with our last investment in ourselves, this one is no different.  We need to make time to plan.  We need a quiet spot where we can dream and think.  We need to have some items around so that we can make notes as soon as we think of something which we want to put into our plan.

If this is too daunting for you and you are halted in your steps, take out your calendar and schedule in some time “to plan”.  It can be as short as 15 minutes.  If you feel that you might really like to set aside a chunk of time to work on this here are some ideas:

*  Partner with another family and take their children for an afternoon or a full day and then reciprocate.  The couple or person who has the time to plan can do it in a stress free environment.  Turn the phone off.  Take a walk to clear you head and to disconnect and then come in fresh and invigorated to start your planning.

*  In your professional life:  take advantage of a personal day and go someplace where you can spread out and think with your calendar and the goals of your company and how you fit into the overall plan.

*  At work ask when the next planning session is for your group or your company as a whole and show an interest in knowing what the direction and vision are.  Then actively participate.

*  If you are a single person, take a long weekend someplace which is new to you and unplug from your world and dream and plan.  Going to an unfamiliar spot can stimulate the mind.  For instance:  go to a beach in the fall or winter.  Perhaps there is a lake or cabin that you can use someplace.  If you live in the suburbs maybe go to a big city and get stimulated by the sites and sounds there in contrast to the slower pace of life where you are.

Next time we will talk about Factor #4 – Support!