Growth in Business & Private Life #2

In our first installment of our current topic of Growth we discussed how “Growth” happens over time.  In this next layer we will see how “Preparation” is need to set a foundation for growth.

The second factor is “PREPARATION”.  Growth is planned and happens with great preparation in the arena of business and in our personal lives.  Growth comes from having a vision, a bigger picture which will lift up and grow our business and those with whom we share our private lives. 

When was the last time you thought about and prepared to accomplish a goal at work?  What did you learn?  How will you change anything in your next assignment?

Now let’s look at your private life.  Are you flying by the seat of your pants?  Or are you laying a foundation for success in your next milestone?

Preparation can be as simple as getting out a sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser and your calendar.  Turn off all distractions and focus.

When will you give it a try?