“Growth” How We Never Stop….

“Growth” is a forward moving activity in the terms of growing who we are from the inside out.  It is my experience that in our society and others, that we somehow have it drilled into our heads that when we reach a certain age we S-T-O-P.  We stop listening to those who are more experienced and older than we are.  We stop investigating things to find out what, where, why, when, how and just believe it all at its first posting or hearing.   We stop learning, because after all; we already know all that we need to know in order to “survive”.   We stop asking the deepest questions buried deep inside of us that were never brought up much less investigated or answered in our youth.  We follow like “the herd” that we are buried in.

Who is your “herd”, your “people”, your “tribe”?  Who is its leader?  Where are they going anyway?

“Growth” comes from your own ability to say:  “I believe that I do not know everything that I know in order to live a healthy, success, full life in joy, peace and love.”  That’s a hard statement to say much less live out every day.  And yet it is very freeing.  I’m not saying abdicate all your responsibility, but rather take 100% responsibility for yourself, your decisions and your growth. 

In my business which has been coaching women, business men and women,speaking, masterminding, mentoring and in general uplifting people in order that they may move forward in their own lives, I have created a process for doing this forward motion.  Last time I explained how “Awareness” is used in this process as the first step.  The second step in the process is “Growth”. 

Growth comes in many forms and it is not the same for each person.  For some, it is just a one time discussion about a particular challenge or situation and that “sounding board” or talking about it out loud to another person along with some very important questions placed here and there in the conversation unlocks the person and they are off and running and very excited and happy about their sudden “growth” and they can move forward very quickly.

Growth sometimes involves more time with others who have some decisions that have gone undecided for a long time.  Sometimes there is a hole in their knowledge base.  Sometimes, they just need to know that they are holding the steering wheel, not the world, not their boss, their friends, etc. 

To this end, I have created a 12 week growth program where the participant can read what is posed and then answer the questions or situations posed in their own life and see where they are in their own growth process.  I go over each area of life and pose questions that open up a dialogue between you and me. 

For some time now, I have noticed that women especially are carrying around a “wounded heart”.  This saddens me that we as women let ourselves get to this point of really having a huge deep black hole develop and we have no clue how to close it up and fill ourselves back up with joy and enthusiasm.  This is the goal of my program.  It will be launched soon.  I wanted to take this time to explain how it works.

I am so excited that there is something out here that will replenish your “wholeness”.