When You Grow Yourself, You Can Grow Others

There is an expression which says “grow one, teach one.”  What does it mean?  I am a person who has spent a lifetime in the area of “personal growth.”   I learned long ago that when I learn something, the very best way to get the information deep inside me and my brain is to “teach” what I have learned to another person.  Hence the name of the blog this month:  “When You Grow Yourself, You Can Grow Others.”  This, however, is not a guarantee by any means. If you do not teach your new found information to others, it will disappear and be lost.

What have you learned lately that you can apply in your personal or professional life and teach to another person who may need it desperately?  If you go to a church on Sunday, a synagogue on Fridays, or a mosque on Fridays, you probably learned something from the person in the front and how did you apply or teach that one thing to someone else?  If you are a member of a team, you have weekly meetings and most likely 1:1’s with someone and there is always something new in these meetings to pass on.  What about at home, isn’t there something you need to be teaching to those little ones who are growing and learning in school?  What about that teen that has only a few short months before you launch him/her into the world – are all those life lessons taught and ingrained in them yet?

Yep, we sure have some work to do, don’t we?  You see each of us has teaching which needs to be performed each and every day. Take a minute to think about that.  What do I need to teach and to whom do I need to teach that thing/concept/principle to?

Did you know we only use less than 10% of our mental capacity?  What are we doing with the other 90%?  We have often heard “Work Smart”, but what if we switched that up to this:  “start thing about what works!”  This is an entirely different concept, isn’t it?  So when you learn something new, or you are about to begin your work day, what frame of mind are you in at that moment?  Are you looking at that to-do list and thinking:  “I am just going to start with #1 and go, go, go until I am finished with the list and then delete the thing!”  Well, that is one way to begin your day, but it isn’t thinking about what works.

My friend John Maxwell says suggests we ask ourselves these three questions instead:

  1. What am I required to do?
  2. What gives me the greatest return?
  3. What gives me the greatest reward?

How does one accomplish this framework when beginning their day?  Well, you begin by thinking how can I do these things vs. thinking can I do these things.  Do you see the fundamental difference in this thinking?  You can use this with your children, your spouse, your team and even those with whom you volunteer with on some project.  It will change everyone’s mindset!

The other part of this blog is about how to accomplish those things you answered in the three questions above plus think about the things you should and could do.   Let’s say you are the manager of a team of people, and those people began to do important things daily not just occasionally – what more could your team accomplish?

I will leave you this month with this to contemplate:

  • What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?
  • If you had no limitations what would you like to do in life?
  • If you had all the money in the world at your disposal what would you be doing with your life?


Next Month we will talk about “No Limits Living

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