Good Weekend for Reflection!

We here in the United States are on the verge of a long holiday weekend.  How will you use this time?

Your personal options are mind boggling!  Now if you think you have ZERO Options then you really need to open your eyes and take a hard look at your “life perspective”.

What do I mean my this?   Your “Life Perspective” is all about taking the time to look at how you view the world and your own life.  You know seeing your glass half empty or half full.

These next 3 days can make a world of difference to you and your future.

Let’s begin by first taking stock of all of your blessings.

I suggest you get a piece of paper, or the back of an envelope and begin to list what you have right now.  It is all something that could disappear in a moment.  So if you have relationships, things, a place to lay your head (even if it is your car), you are blessed.

Now let’s look a another piece of your life where you might get down to some serious business; your Finances.   What are you really using that you possess?  This hits at the heart of “owning things” which equates to being better off than another or being in the rich category or even just being better off simply because you have something.  Nothing could be further from the true.  You can be drowning in “stuff” and be very poor.  So how are you using the precious resources at your disposal?   Many are trying to fill a hole inside their soul from failed relationships, the loss of a job, trying in vain to keep up an appearance, buying and going into debt so that their children can be showered with things that they neither need nor want, but it make the parent feel good.  Look around your home and see where you have spent your hard earned money, this is where you true heart lies.

What’s going on in your family/parenting side of your life today?   You are the main influence and role model for your children.  They are always watching what you do, how you behave in ALL situations.  What are you telling them?  What are you do you want them to pick up from you,  that you are doing everyday? This is your moment to do some reflection.  If you do not like what you are seeing, hearing, or experiencing, take a hard look at what you are teaching.

Let’s go in an entirely different direction here now.   What about having FUN?  Now you probably think that:  “….who me?…..I never have any fun…..”  Well what I see and experience is that there are many people who think life is one big party and they need to be in it to escape whatever it is that is troubling them.  Don’t think so?   That’s a fair statement, many who are deep in this lifestyle have come to see it as their “normal”.  What they do not see is that life is passing them by and they are really stuck in a place that will never fulfill that which they are looking to quench.  When was the last time you did some giving back, paying it forward, called a family member who is in need, looked to do some growth in your own life?

What I am doing here is getting you to take a different perspective on where you are right now in your life.  I will expand on this Friday.



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