Good Reflection Weekend II

Last time we talked about reflecting on where you are right now over this long weekend.  I’d like to continue the conversation here.

You know we all go through periods in our lives where we are wild and fun loving and seem out of control to those who are a decade or two ahead of us and I am no exception to that and probably your own parents were did some things that you are not aware of as of yet.  If you watch the retelling of the event or events and you look carefully (instead of dismissing the whole event) you will notice your loved ones transform back to that moment in time.  This is where you are at this moment.  You are living the wild times in your own life.

I’d like to step back into reflection mode here and look some other areas in your life that you may have neglected up to this moment.

So how are your relationships?  You have several different categories of relationships in your life.  What kinds of relationships are you talking about?  Well, relationships are Personal.  Personal relationships are divided into two categories; those that are Intimate and those that are Social.  You also have Professional Relationships and then you have Friendships.  Friendships can further be divided into 9 more categories.   The thing I want to stress here is that what I see and the clients that I speak to on a regular basis, tend to treat all those relationships the same.  Here’s what I mean:   if you are constantly tweeting and posting on Facebook, writing on your blog, working and texting on the phone, shooting emails to everyone and you do not have your “filter” on you are running head long into some serious problems.  These things cannot be erased and they can be tracked back.  You are not anonymous anymore.  Once you put it out there, it’s there for the whole world to see.  You may be under the delusion that your boss, the HR people or even your family members may not ever even LOOK at this stuff, but they do.  This is a reflection of who your are in the world.

What is your relationship with Yourself? Can you honestly say that you are at “peace” with who your are, where you are, what you do, where you are going, the people you interact with and lifting others up, giving back to the world that you live in?  Yep, these are heavy questions and you may think that you do not have time to even think about them.  What I know is that your world is built around what you think about yourself and where you fit in it.

Today, I am just asking you to take a couple of minutes and think about these things.  If one of them makes you feel uncomfortable or you have big push back on what is being said; then that is exactly where you start.  In that moment of push back is the place where you are living a life of incongurence.  That means your insides and and your outsides do not match and that is where the feeling comes from.  It’s time to do some reflection.  Today is that day!



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