Good Intentions Are Not Enough




All of us at some time in our lives will be moved by an event, a tragedy, suffering and feel moved to do something. Did you know that when you help another person in need without any expectation of praise, it actually makes you a better person? But, if you do not act on the “intention” of wanting to help, it will not make one bit of difference.

Think back to when you were in high school and you had so many hopes, dreams, big goals, where did they go? You lacked the intention to achieve them. If you want to play ball, you have to get out of the stands and onto the playing field. There is a huge difference between “good intentions” and “intentional living”.

What game are you sitting in the stands and watching, instead of playing?



Living an “Intentional Life” is about living and working so that your life brings you “daily satisfaction” and “continual rewards” for merely working to make a difference.

When you wake up in the morning do you “DESIGN” you day; or when you wake up in the morning do you “REACT BY DEFAULT” to everything that comes your way?

Think about your peers, someone you admire, perhaps even someone in your family or extended family who is purposeful and intentional about everything in their life. Did you come up with a name right away? I bet you did. When you look beyond their accolades and successes, underneath the shiny exterior you will find deeply rooted intentional habits.

What do you think bridges the gap between being “Intentional” daily in order to be successful? What is the bridge is between being successful and significance? Good Intentions which are not acted upon will never get you to success nor to significance.

For many of us, we got a clue that if we did not have a “Plan of Growth” in our lives, we would be forever admiring those who go from success to significance. January 1st rolls around and we make “resolutions” which are forgotten by February 1st. The “self-help” industry is thriving, because people are looking for a “silver bullet”, the “quick fix”, the “short cut” to solve their problems, to the gap.

A friend of mine recounts a story about saving every penny for 6 months to buy one of these programs which turned out to be his key to success, but not in the way you might think. When he opened the box there was a poem printed out on the very top which read:

Wishing for things to change wouldn’t make them change.
Hoping for improvements wouldn’t bring them.
Dreaming wouldn’t provide all the answers you need.
Vision wouldn’t be enough to bring transformation to you or others.
Only by managing your thinking and shifting your thoughts from desire to deeds will you be able to bring about positive change.
YOU need to go from wanting to doing.


The Seven Benefits of Intentional Living

1. Intentional Living prompts us to ask, “What is significant in my life?”
2. Intentional Living motivates us to take immediate action in areas of significance.
3. Intentional Living challenges us to find creative ways to achieve significance
4. Intentional Living energizes us to give our best effort to do significant acts.
5. Intentional Living unleashes the power of significance within us.
6. Intentional Living inspires us to make every day count
7. Intentional Living encourages us to finish well.



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