Good Decisions

See this lovely woman in a field of tall grass above?

That’s what a “Good Decision” will look like and feel like!

I personally want many or of these days than the look from the previous post!

Last time we talked about “Making Bad Decisions” and how that enslaves us to the very thing we hate and are trying to escape from.

Today we will learn how to “Make Good Decisions”!

Step # 1:      Recognize that some part of your life is enslaved by a “Bad Decision” or maybe even a series of “Bad Decisions”

Step # 2:     Decide to stop your enslavement this very moment.

Step # 3:     Forgive yourself for not being aware that you were in enslavement until right now.

Step # 4:     Forgive others who may be perpetuating, helping, being cooperative, and co-dependent in this enslavement.

Step # 5:    Accept that your decision to become “unenslaved” will be “unpopular” with others and they may “disapprove” or even feel “threatened” by your “Good Decision”.

Step # 6:     Make you new plan and work your plan.

Here’s a fact of life:  Understand that our lives are full of “conflict” and this is normal.  Going to a place of “Drama”, “Distraction” and “Noise” is to choose to be “Enslaved” once more.