Good Decisions From Good Foundation

This may be a new thought for you but, it is very true.   Good Decisions come from a good foundation.

What does that mean?

Where is my foundation?

How do I know what mine is like?

My personal explanation about “foundation” is as follows:

A foundation is what your inner character is built upon.

A foundation includes the following items:

Mindset, Decision Making, Influences, Agreements, Boundaries, Life’s Role Calling, Love Languages, Responsibilities, Relationships, Role Models, Goals, Moments of Opportunity, Beliefs, Pivotal Questions, Awakenings, and Convictions.

Each foundation needs four cornerstones.  These are:  Social, Physical, Spiritual and Mental.

Now all of that is like drinking our of a fire hose and most of it will wash right past you.

That doesn’t make it any less true.

However, if you do not have these items firmly in place;   you are in for a life of poor decisions!

How does that sit with you?

When you come from a place of knowing what you believe about each of these items on these two lists and you know why you do believe that about each one, then and only then you will be in a secure foundational place to make “Good Decisions”.

Want to learn more about how to know where you are on any one of these foundational blocks or these four cornerstones?

Come back here and read daily and when the pop up box comes up to get more information, grab it quick and sign up.

What do you believe about your foundational blocks?



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