Good Decision vs Bad Decision

Unless you’ve had your head under a rock the past week ‘BIG DECISIONS” are  flying all around the world.  What have you decided?

What do I believe about the unrest in the many countries around the world right now?

Ohhhh, those don’t affect me at all, I’m just doing my thing.

OKAY, you’re just doing your thing.

What if you were one of 20 Mom’s and Dad’s whose young adult college students are in Egypt on what was to be an exciting term of studying abroad in their major; would you be impacted?  What decision would you be making right now?

You may be doing your thing, but life is really happening right now and it will impact you eventually.  One of those young adults might be your boss someday, your Congressman, your next door neighbor.

Do you put gas into your car at all?      Then this affects you.

Do you buy anything from another country, say Parmesan Cheese for your Italian cooking?   This affects you.

Do you have any money in some kind of money fund, investment, stock market, is your band in any of these and you have a savings account at your bank?  Then these events directly impact you in some way.

Each of these was a decision that you made, are making and will make in the future.  Are these Good Decisions or are these Bad Decisions?

Do you just act and not think?

Or do you think and then act?

How many of you think it is a GREAT DECISION to jump into the stock market right now as it falls to make gains when it rises again once all of this turmoil calms down?  Is that a Great Decision?  Maybe it’s a Bad Decision?

I personally have another decision which was very important to our family this past weekend.  We have a nephew studying abroad in guess where:……????Egypt!    Was it a good decision to let everyone know?   Yes!

Was it a Great Decision to disregard all the news media streaming live in the house which said there is no internet and no cell phone service so don’t try and try to call anyway?   YES it was we used SKYPE to call a cell phone and was he surprised to hear his aunt and uncle on the other end of that phone!  That was a great decision.

No hesitation just a decision to reach out and connect with a very worried young adult whom we love and care for.

Internet, yep you bet.  Otherwise how would we be able to know that he is now out of the country on a charter plane that someone generously provided along with other people who are very generous with their success to lend a hand to those in need stranded around the world.  Each of these items involves a “DECISION”.   These are great decisions.

How will you decide today?



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