Giving Back

I am a coach and one of the tools we use in coaching is something called the “Life Wheel”.

Now this life wheel is not exclusive nor is it mysterious, but it is widely used and known both in the industry and outside the industry.

What the life wheel is, is a glimpse of the 9 to 12 things which are important to almost everyone no matter their age, sex, economic or social background.  It is also pretty much global.

“Giving Back” is one of those “life segments” which most of us think about only during the holidays and in times of economic hardship.

When do you think about “Giving Back”?

If you happen to be one of those lucky few who are employed, happy, fulfilled and you are not giving back right now, I encourage you to do so immediately.  Find someone on your street, in your town close to home that you can mentor, uplift with a service, drive someplace, etc.  Throwing money at a cause is not a definition of “Giving Back”.

Buy a bag of groceries and take them to a shut in or elderly neighbor next door.

If you go out this fall and pick apples, pick double and give them away to someone who could use the fresh “live” food.

I encourage you to look to your own family.

What’s going on with your parents?

What’s going on with your little brother or sister?

What about that nephew or niece that just got married?

Go through your closet.  If you buy something new, donate the same amount in time, money or clothing out of that same closet to someone in need.  If you bought yourself a new winter coat and gloves and hat, donate your “gently used” winter items before you wear your new duds!

Make the effort!

Take the time!

Time and Relationship are the most important keys to feeling fulfilled in life.

Remember one day you will be 60, 70, 80, and who will come visit you, who will call, who will sit and hold your hand?