Giving Back: What Do You Believe?

This past weekend I had my sister over and we were brainstorming around some craft projects that she is doing in her own “Giving Back” life of community service.  My sister has been doing this community service for more than 25 years continuously.  Think about that.  Where have you plugged into your community and continued for several months or one year?

“Service” or as I am calling it “Giving Back” starts from the time you can be totted in a carrier to when you get to High School, College, move out, get married, start your own family and it fills a deep spot inside of you.   It all boils down to are you a “taker” or are you a “giver”?

If you were an Army solider serving your family and country in a far away land where nothing is familiar would you want to receive a letter, a card of cheer, a package of something from home?   When you come home wouldn’t it be nice to get a gift bag full of things you might need for the first days your are back until you get settled?

What if you or one of your parents were in the hospital; wouldn’t it be nice to receive a hand made throw, blanket, or footies to keep you warm and give some comfort to you during your stay?

How about all of those women to flee an abusive relationship and come to a “Safe House” with their children during the dark of night; would you like to give them something to give them comfort and peace of mind?

You see if you were in one of these situation you would want to be remembered and cared for to know that you matter to someone.    That person who cares for others is YOU, it is ME, it is my Sister!

What do you believe about “Giving Back”?

Where did this belief come from?

How are you acting on it today?

It is very easy to pick up one or two items that someone is in need of when you are out shopping for those you love and care for;  I encourage you to step up and do just one more thing that will add great joy to your life.

I know all the excuses, and I don’t have time and I don’t have money are not going to cut it here.  I have personally seen others give from literally nothing to lift up and support others with their words of encouragement, expertise,  and knowledge.

What will you do?