Giving Back

The holiday season is now in full swing and all of you are of course adding to your already long, long shopping and to-do lists I am sure.

I want to encourage you to walk out your front door and look to your left and to your right and across the street.

Who lives there?

If the person or person living within walking distance to your home, I want you to reach out and do something for those people.

It doesn’t matter how old they are, if they have kids, live alone, have a big family or are well off, have a job, don’t have a job it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you do something to include them in your “holiday celebration”.

If you live near an elderly person or couple, invite them to one of your family dinners, or for hot chocolate, tree trimming, etc.

Wrap a gift and leave it on their doorstep.

Do you live next door to a single Mom?   Go over and ask her if you can stay with her children so she can get out of the house to shop or go to a party to give her a break.

Is there a single person who is living nearby?  If you bought a “Holiday Treat” for your family, buy two and give one away.

Is that a neighbor out there struggling with their decorations?   Take the whole family over to help out and a snack!

When you see those trees with the cards on them for those less fortunate, stop there first and shop and return the gift.  You will be uplifted tremendously.

Is there a family whose son or daughter is in the military serving away from home?  What could you do to bring some cheer into that family?

What about a family whose mom or dad is away overseas serving in this time of celebration.    Who is that person serving really?    Y-O-U!

Step up!

Give from your plenty!

Time is the very most precious thing you have!

Teach your children how to be loving, considerate of others and the neighbors that live around you.

It is the greatest gift you can model and teach them.