Give “IT” Your All!

As women in business and women in the home we each want to have a peaceful atmosphere in which to work and to live and to play in.  I think we can all agree on that.  When we abandon everything in order to achieve this “peace” we immediately become a sinking ship.  It is like shooting a big hole in the bottom of our lives and we begin to slowly sink into the abyss of “pleasing” in order to get “peace”.

If you resonate with this, you are not alone.  I was recently in my car doing errands and I heard someone talking about “…doing it all for__________” (you fill in the blank).  It suddenly struck me that this is what we as women do daily in our own lives.  We become the self sacrificing employee, boss, mother, spouse, or whatever in order to keep the peace, hoping that by “doing it all for_________________” we will somehow keep everyone happy and we will be able to maintain peace in our workplace and in our homes.

How is that working for you today?  My guess is:  it is not working all that well.  In order to keep the peace by giving your all, we must expend great amounts of energy.  This energy is fleeting at best.  We begin to juggle so many balls that we cannot keep everyone happy at all times and when a ball drops (someone becomes unhappy or unsatisfied about something), we immediately pick up the blame and start to try to keep them happy all over again without any refueling time for ourselves.

Take a good hard look at what you are “giving your all to”.   What or Who is it?  What is you bigger goal for “Giving Your All”?  When we stop and think about it.  This may not be the best course of action.  There have been many a time that I personally decided to let a child or a teen, or an employee go through the fire of learning from their own choices in order to teach a bigger lesson. 

You see children grow through our lives and leave.  When they are gone its just you.  Employees too, grow through our doors and move on.  These statistics are out there and very easy to find.  When they move on, you are left there in the business.  So what does giving it your all do for you?

I would love to hear from you.  What is your experience in “giving it your all”?