Entry into your being through anyone of the points in which you can perceive anything into your body is a "GATE". 

When we allow anything to enter our very being we are opening one and more often than not several of our gates.  When entry is gained other triggers go off inside of us, specifically in our brains.

These triggers inside our brains are instantaneous and before we even know what is happening a triggered emotional response comes forth. 

Do you remember the first really scary movie you ever saw?  If your answer is NO, it is my experience that you were exposed to these at a very early age from a passive sort of way that you were just in the room.  Perhaps you were already asleep and the adults or others in the room left you where you were.  Your gates were taking in the sounds but, not the sights.  So now, nothing really phases you.  You have lost that fight or flight response due to the dulling of your gate(s).

If you answer YES that you remember and this type of movie or even a certain name, or  musical theme sends your hairs on end then your gate(s) are still in tact.

When we expose ourselves to certain stimuli over and over again to get that feeling of excitement, it takes more and more each time to achieve that feeling.  It is a drug of choice.  The drug may be testing, constant praise, food, gambling and any number of thousands of other things.

When we surround ourselves with positive people and events and places we create an environment from which we can launch something successful.  When we remain in the gate crashing environment with the constant assault of our senses, we blur what is real with what is our perception of reality and we are disappointed again and again.

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