Fun & Your Mental Corner Stone

I am pretty sure that if Monday’s post about “Finances” was hard this area of life if “Fun”!  Well, maybe not for everyone.  It is my experience that when I ask someone; “When was the last time you had any fun?”  The answer I get is usually:  “FUN?   What’s that?” 

I was wondering what the dictionary defines “FUN” as:  “FUN: amusement, lively or playful, exciting or amusing goings-on, not for a serious purpose.”  Now that’s interesting.  I wonder what my Thesaurus will say:  “FUN:  pleasure, pleasantness, merriment, joke, action, delightful, amusing.” 

What is your definition of “FUN”?  “FUN” for you and fun for me and fun for your children and your neighbor and your boss are all different.  We each have an amount of “fun” that we need to be healthy and happy and to remain mentally stable so as to be living with vibrancy and have a positive outlook on life. 

Did you ever notice that children naturally know how to do this?  Have you ever tried to turn a chore into something fun?  If it is hard for you it is hard for your child too. 

When you were a child what was the thing that you always wanted to do if you were free to do it?  Does that same thing work today?  Have you tried it lately. 

When I was young, every moment I had free, I would run to the local community “swing set” and just swing.  It was the place where I “…could be free, seemingly effortlessly flying…away from all my care and responsibilities, homework, household chores, siblings, prying eyes of parents…etc”  I very rarely am in a location where there are swings.  I do find myself thinking about that same feeling and freedom of the swings even today as a mature woman.  So what about you?

Fun might be curling up with a favorite book undisturbed in a soft blanket and a cup of tea.  Fun might be a walk along the beach at sunset with the sand between your toes.  Fun might be stroking your cat on your lap while looking out the window at the fall leaves.  Fun might be playing with your children in wild abandon and all of you giggling.  Fun might be baking something for a special person on their special day.  This list is endless. 

Fun releases endorphins!  Endorphins make you happy.  It is a wonderful cycle in our bodies.  Fun is a vital part of our mental corner stone.  When we are void of fun we are unstable and out of balance with the natural order of things.

Do something fun everyday!