Fun: What do you believe?

Today, I thought we’d talk about FUN!

Do you remember FUN?

When was the last time you had real fun and laughed and forgot all about your troubles?

If you hesitate even for a moment, then it has been too long!

We are still in our exploration around three questions about you and your life areas.   Today, I encourage you to look into this one and ask the following questions:

What do I believe about having fun?

Where did I get that belief?

Does the belief I hold about FUN still serve me?

No matter what your age is we all need to have fun!   FUN is not just for children or the young.   If you aren’t having fun, you are probably a sour person and smiles and laughter do not light up your face.

So when was the last time you had fun, I am asking you to really think and to give a detailed account of what that day, hour, week, or whatever it was in vivid detail.

I encourage you to actually set aside time in your calendar to “HAVE FUN”.

I encourage you to actually set aside time to have fun every week, every month, and set aside time for your vacation, date nights, play dates, father-daughter dates, mother-son dates, celebrations of holidays, special times and events.

We all need to have a release in our lives.

When will you ask the questions about FUN in your life?



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