Front Burner #3

Now we are going to actually get this item on the real front burner and get it done!   So let’s get started!

I would highly recommend that if you have more than 5 or 6 items which you deem urgent that you re-evaluate them one more time.  This will help you actually be successful in the realism of what you can actually accomplish in any given year.  Now that you have your 5 or 6 front burner items; let’s begin to calendar them.   When would you like each of them to be completed?   Choose a month.  Now let’s look at just how long you really think it will take you to complete the goal for each.  Remember you realistically can only devote 8 hours a month.  Now you will have to readjust your calendaring most likely.  You may want to start with the shortest timed ones, so you can get what is called a quick start and a quick win under your belt which will move you forward in your momentum to get more steam up to tackle the ones which will take more of your time.

Just like any project that one starts there is a distinct process that is involved.   What are the steps in the process for your first URGENT item?   Get out your pencil, paper and calendar.  The next steps are intuitive.   You put the process steps each on your calendar and basically make an appointment with yourself to do what you have time to do.   Then you really need to give yourself a great big pat on the back for completion of that day’s items.   This is working the process and reaping the reward of completion.   This is a huge untapped energy booster, that most people skip.   The satisfaction of completion!

Each weekend as you work your process, step back and take in the joy of completion, your satisfaction grows and your confidence will grow too.  This makes a mental, physical and spiritual “deposit” into your very core into what we all need deposits in:  our self worth bank.

I routinely meet people who are bankrupt in their self worth bank.   There are down on themselves and everything about their lives.

How do you feel right now?   Excited right!?   You can’t wait to get started I know.  You feel better and more excited because now you are equipped with the HOW to do it.  This is of great value to anyone.  It is very true that sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees.  Five minutes ago you had no idea of how you were going to complete that item you deemed urgent on your front burner and now it seems actually simple to complete.

What I did is I gave you “ICE”!  I disconnected your whirlpool thinking and gave you a process which you can work.   This pulls you up and out of that downward spiral.

Guess what?   This works in all areas of your life and in all areas of career too.