From Minor to Major in 5 Seconds

OK, last time I promised to talk about “Drama” in our lives.  When was the last time you were out with a couple of girlfriends and you got carried away with a story you were telling?  Now, come on, you know you do this.  We all do this.  We blow things way out of proportion and make things grander than they are.  When does doing just that, become “too much”?

When I was a Girl Scout Leader our troop used to play a game:  the first Girl Scout would whisper something into the ear of the Scout next to her.  Then she would whisper the same thing to the next and so on, until the “whispered something” had gone all around the circle and the last Girl Scout would say what she heard.  Often what was heard last, had little resemblance to the first uttering.  It’s called “Telephone”.  We played it many times and always got a big laugh out of the game.  Are you playing “Telephone”?

In life this isn’t quite so funny.  As a society we take something minor and blow it up into something major in just a few news cycles, or a few text messages, or calls.  Life is what we make it.  So, what does “Drama” give you in your life?

My friends, life is serious enough without all the drama we like to put around what happens to us.  Everyone of us has a “Story”.  Everyone of us has “Disappointments”, “Losses”, “Challenges” and so on.  This is what life is all about.  No one said it was going to be easy.  For every person you see who seems to “Have it made”, I can assure you they at some point were exactly where you are today.  And if they have had it handed to them (which there are very few really), they have other heartaches that you do not. 

Let’s just all try to tone the “Drama” down.  We aren’t 8 years old any more and it does not suit us.  Let’s be satisfied with our bumps in the road and our daily challenges.  Once we recognize what causes us to have them, which is our choices, then we can keep the drama for the arts.