Freedom & Owning Your Future Step #1

What does "Being Free To Live Your Life" mean to you?  Think back when you first felt your first taste of "FREEDOM".  Perhaps it was the first time you moved your tassel on your motorboard.  You thought:   "…boy! now I’m a grown up and I make all the decisions now!…"  Perhaps it was when you waved goodbye to your parents from your college dorm room as they drove back home.  You thought;  "…..Yipee……I am finally free, free, free, free…."  Or perhaps you joined the military or moved out into an apartment with friends and you all got jobs.  You sighed deeply and thought;  "….wow, I have finally cut those strings and I can do what I want when I want with no reporting in to anyone at home…."

Fast forward 6 months or even 1 year, what did you think then?  Yes, you are right you still are reporting in to many more people than just those 1 or 2 parents at home that’s for sure.  You and I and everyone else who has left home has now realized that once we leave we are 100% responsible for the decisions that we MAKE and the decisions that we DO NOT MAKE.  Both actions or nonaction reflect on us personally, our reputation and our credit and so on. 

How does a person "Own Their Future"?  That is the question.  For the most part each of us, grows up and moves on away from our families, but how do will learn how to own our own future?  My observation is that 90% of the folks I know, just let things happen to them and the days and years pass and they go NO WHERE.  It seems to me that, they are waiting for someone to come along and send them typed instructions via US Mail or Text on their Cell Phone, or even in an E-Mail about……."….psst…hey buddy over there……here’s what you need to do to get a life….succeed or get a new job….move forward or whatever it is…"

The truth is, it doesn’t happen that way.  We each have to begin to think about what it is that we want to do, where we want to go, things we want to accomplish, impact we want to make in our lifes, communities and nation.  How a person does this can take many forms.

How would you do this?

Step #2 tomorrow……….