“FREEDOM”….no this isn’t Braveheart…..

We all remember the blue faced Mel Gibson in Braveheart, when he raised that huge sword and shouted:  “FREEDOM!”  His conviction was evident and I was ready to pick up my sword and fight for their freedom too.  Who is fighting for your “Freedom”?  If you are the member of a military family, and one of your own is out there on the battle field, you already are all too aware of who it is.   I appalled you, your families sacrifices, and the service to me, our country and to all of those that are impacted by his or her presence abroad.  I was raised in one of these families and traveled extensively as a child right up until adulthood, so I do know what this looks like, sounds like and feels like.

What about your own “inner Freedom?”   Where are you on that?  As women, we derive our “existence” or “reason for being” from whatever it is that we identify with as our main purpose in life.  What is your “reason”, your “purpose”?

I can hear the deep sighing from here….I know….it is hard to quantify what it is that we are doing and being at any moment in our lives, because it is a constant river which is moving and sometimes we are caught in the rapids  of whitewater for years.  Pretty soon we wake up and we are old (whatever that age is for you in your mind).  As a young mother there were times when I felt very old.  As a parent of two teenage girls, there were times when I thought, will they ever get this, will they make the right decisions when I am not around?  As a Mom who is now an empty nester, I suddenly feel free to return to my 20 something person that has been right there all along, only buried so deep I could barely reach her to pull her out.

What does this word conjure up inside of you:  “Freedom”?

In my coaching business, this is the final result of a process.  First we dive deep into recognizing and working with and becoming comfortable with our “Awareness” about ourselves, our lives, and our decisions and how that “Awareness” impacts everything we do, we say, and live.

The second step in this process is the “Growth” phase.  We look at all the areas of our lives and see where we might be off our optimum living place.  You and I look at what “growth” looks like in each area and then you decide if that is where you might want to explore some more.  Once you have completed your own growth in the areas where you feel growth is needed, the final step comes in:  “Freedom”.

“Freedom” is about being comfortable with who you are in every area of your life.  Knowing what you believe, why you believe it and having the facts and experiences to back up what you believe.  You gain conviction about who you are and take 100% responsibility for who you are, what you do and what you say.  You in a word become 100% “Congruent”.  This my precious friend is so freeing. 

When a person is free they no longer HIDE behind others, the goals of others, we no longer hide behind a mask of the “perfect mother”, “perfect spouse”, “prefect BBF”, the “perfect (you fill in the blank)”, we can live freely is we are from our very core.

The launch of my new 12 week course for “Awareness > Growth > Freedom” is coming soon and this is your wake up call and my personal invitation to join the hundreds of other women who are on this journey with me and all of those women who have already benefited from this process. 

You are more valuable than you can possibly imagine!  I am reaching out my virtual hand in friendship to say hello, come and take a walk with me and let’s discover who you really are.  I recognize your heart is very tender and your own wound may be very painful.  I respect and honor you, where you have been on your own journey this far..here’s my hand….I’d like to be your friend and help you to become whole, complete and free.