Freedom & Happiness

This week we celebrate our nation’s birthday!  Happy Birthday United States of America!!!!! 

Today, I’d like to discuss how Freedom from the unknown Fear of lack plays a big part into how Happy you and your family are. 

Freedom from want.

Freedom from bills.

Freedom from lack.

Freedom from self pity.

Freedom from the eye of envy.

Freedom from gultony.

Freedom from technology.

I could go on and on.  Are you a slave to any of the items listed above?  If you do not know what a word means….look it up.     I have made some drastic changes in my life over the years and as soon as I decide to "free myself"  I immediately was free of the unsaid, unseen stress that went along with it.

Look around you right at this moment.  If you are reading this then you are blessed with enough money or community that has a computer.  Do you have bills which are paid on time and you still have enough money to buy groceries ?   Then you are amoung the few!  Consider yourself blessed.  Are you satisfied with what is sitting around you, purring on your lap or barking in your yard or playing at your feet or smiling at you from across the room.  Then you are blessed!

You get the drift here.  We each are surrounded by things and loved ones which we take for granted each and every day.  Over and over again we are looking "OUT THERE" somewhere for "IT" to be the icing on the cake.  That one thing that will put us over the top and make us Free & Happy. 

Here’s the big secret:     YOU ALREADY OWN IT!   

You have had it all along.  What do not have is the recognition of it.  This is something very, very old, it’s always been around. 

It is your atittude about your own self worth.  If you do not value yourself in this moment then who else will?  Somewhere along the road of your life you took in a message about "what you are worth" in the form of a statement which was not true and because it was a very critical time in your development you bought it:  Hook, Line, & Sinker!  

You can get rid of this immediately!  What would that be worth to you?  I will give it to you FREE!  Are you really ready for IT this very minute in your life?  Can you handle getting IT all at once?

These things, labels, lacks and wants and items that we have come to own as negatives about ourselves, no longer serve us.  We tell "war stories" about all kinds of things which over time may no long be even remotely close to what is true or orginally said to us. 

These "ITS" no longer serve us.  Give them up. 

Free them from your thoughts. 

Free them from your speech. 

Free them from your actions.  

Free them from your self playing mind talk loop playing inside your head.

Let’s be honest here.  Are these ITs moving you forward?  Are they adding value to your life?

They may provide a huge crutch of pity for you.  They really keep you in bondage to negativity.

Once you decide to stop , you will feel immediate release.  If you do not feel an immediate release then, YOU HAVE NOT STOPPED and lay down the load of self – you put in anything you like word here.

What are you hanging on to and believing that no longer serves you?  Your Freedom and Happiness are linked 100%

Happy Birthday America!