Foundation to Success

If you have ever built a house you know the importance of a firm foundation on level stable ground.  You may have not noticed that at each corner of that house or building which is being built there are cornerstones which carry a substantial weight of the structure.  These “Cornerstones” provide stability from the ground up for the building or house to stand tall, straight and strong.

You life is just like this foundation with cornerstones.  Last time we talked about the foundation and today,

These are deep pondering questions.  Perhaps, you have never given any thought to these questions.  The truth is we all have some kind of foundation and cornerstones.  Some of them are rock solid like bricks and others are build on a pile of watery sand and you have to watch your balance all the time.

Which one describes you?  My guess is somewhere in between.

Here are some foundational must haves:


Decision Making




Life’s Role Calling

Love Languages



Role Models


Moments of Opportunity


Pivotal Questions



These are what make up your personal life foundation.  Over the coming weeks and months we will be discussing each of these in depth and you will be able to see what each block in your personal foundation is and in what kind of shape it is currently in.  These are not hard and fast and you may have even more, but for our purposes this will suffice for now.

Until we dive deep into each one of these foundational stones, I invite you to ask yourself:

What is true about each of these foundational blocks for you?

If I were to give a rating of 100% as being perfect, strong and healthy as a measure to each foundational block, what would be the rating of each of these foundational blocks in your life?

Which foundational block keeps you awake at night?

I’d love to hear from you.  Please comment below!



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