Follow Up

Well here we are at the beginning of another week.

My husband has been dutifully calling everyday to the me and his family with the updates about my father in law.

He is now at home and with the help of my spouse, the home has been converted in to a place for “elder care” and all that this entails.  Actually, I think this was very good for my husband and a God send for my mother in law.  She could have not done it if she were there alone.  My father in law is making progress and now takes three steps on his new leg and is recovering slowly.

Here the pump is suppose to be put in today, the repairman and the pump have not arrived and it is late morning.  We have some soaking rain predicted, but, just in case, I am already watering and have been since 7 am.

Our house guests are enjoying the pool (which I Jerry rigged) until the part comes and watching movies in the theatre.

I am trying to catch up on this blog and to begin anew by next Monday.

Tomorrow night, my husband comes back and some of our guests depart which will replace him back at his home to help out his mom.

Then a revolving door of relatives will start to come in and help when it is their scheduled turn to do so.

The support is in place, the plan is working and now it is time to pick up our life where we left it several weeks ago.

Life happens while we are living our daily lives.  It is all about how we react to what happens to us that makes the difference between falling apart and setting a new plan in motion and putting some less important things on hold and then coming back and picking up where we left off.