Firm Foundations

It’s a whole new chapter in that long biography that you and I are writing called:  “My Life”.  You have a fresh, unblemished book full of 365 blank pages on which you may write anything that you desire.  What will you write today?

If you’re like most of the biographers on earth you will start off your new page with a long list of things that you want to change or to do in your life this year.  That’s normal.  What isn’t so normal is actually doing even one of those things on that list you wrote on the first page.  So what could you do?

Writing a book is just like building a house.  A book isn’t a biography unless you put your own heart and soul into it.  A house only becomes a home once the owner moves in.  In either case the same thing has to be in place for that transformation to occur.  What is that “thing” do you imagine?

It is a “Foundation”.

Our lives are build on one of three kinds of foundation.  The first is living with “no foundation” which is disastrous.  The second is living with a “shaky foundation” and that is no better than the first, however there is hope.  The third is living with a “firm foundation” and this is the best kind because you can actually build on it and expand.

What is a “firm foundation” is a very common question I am asked quite often?  A “firm foundation” is: “…..knowing what you believe in every segment of your life and what you base that belief on; in other words knowing why you believe what you do about anything….”

Here’s an example of what I mean by that statement;  let’s say that you believe you will never be out of debt.   OKAY, so what leads you to believe that idea that you will never be out of debt?  Where did you learn how to handling money, finances, paying bills, saving to buy something important when you were a kid or balance a check book?  If you never learned how to handle money and finances then you have “no foundation” for being financially sound and debt free.  You have based your entire financial future on “no having the financial skill set” to succeed, so you believe you will fail.

Here’s another example of how this works;  let’s say that you believe you will never advance out of middle management in your career.  OKAY, so what indications do you have and do you believe to be true to support that thought?  What have you done recently to either make sure that this statement is true or not true?  Do you know what it takes to break free and move up into upper management?  Where would you go to find out?  If this upward mobility needed more education or a different skill set, where would you go to find out this information?  Who is currently mentoring you to move up?  What would you do if you were in upper management?  What would it mean to you and your family?  Knowing the answers to these questions and when a plan of growth is put into place….you have just started laying the first layer in your own “upward management firm foundation”.

Would you like to investigate your own “FOUNDATIONS” in all the many areas of your life?

Respond below with the area of your life you would like to investigate.



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