Finance and Your Relational Cornerstone

What do these two items have to do with you, your life, and your ability to thrive?  Everyone of us has to have some type of income coming into our lives in some way in order to live.  Notice I did not say where income (money coming into your life) comes from.  Each of us also has a relationship with money in all its forms. 

This relationship is formed early in life and it comes from the messages we received and took in and lived in when we were young.  Most of us did not know how to interpret those messages much less understand what “finances” were and how they impacted you and your family.

Most of us tried to live inside of those messages when we left home and went out on our own.  If it worked we stuck with it; if those messages did not work in the world we lived and worked in they changed.  How they changed is important. 

Which one of these are you operating under?

The world we live and work in is very different than the one our parents raised us in.  No one needs to tell you that 12 months ago the world according to “finance” looked very different. 

There are some truths that never change. 

These truths are timeless, they never go out of fashion nor do they ever return void.

Live with less. 

Buy only what you can consume. 

Budget.  If your lifestyle cannot be paid for on the income you make, then you are living above your means.  You must change or you choose to live in misery.

Be grateful for every single thing you own. 

Take care of what you do own.  That means to appreciate what is under your roof.  Keep you furniture in good repair, clean and do not abuse it.  The same goes for your vehicle, the doors, windows, wood work, fireplace, lighting, mattress, all those things which you own and use everyday.

Say Thank You and Appreciate all of those people in your home who work inside and outside of the home.  Every single one of them contributes to the well being and financial wellness of your home.

Get a “Financial Education”.  There are many free courses which will teach you about finances.  I’m talking basics here. 

Save for those things which you do not have cash to pay for. 

For one day write down every penny that you spend and log where it goes.  From your money coffee, to a toll, to online shopping, the vending machine, gas for your car, train fare, lunch, dinner, snacks, everything and see what you are actually spending and where you are spending your hard earned money.

I am not a financial expert.  I do spend money every day just like you do.  Sometimes I splurge.  Sometimes I have buyer’s remorse.  Sometimes I am thrilled with a purchase which has been long in the planning stage.  I am just like you. 

All of us have this “relational cornerstone”.  All of have a relationship with our money and our finances.  How we view that relationship and the messages we were given, what we are telling ourselves today and what we are modeling before those children sitting there beside us is what drives our lives daily and these messages are the ones which will drive our children.