Fertilizing Your Roots

In my last post we discussed the importance of having a deep tap root and a firm foundational root system in our lives.  This time I would like to talk about how we fertilize those roots in our lives.

Our second question from the post of July 8th is:  “How often are your roots nurtured watered and fertilized?”  I think by now you are beginning to see how this all plays out. 

In order for us to grow in our professional lives as women-in-business and in our private lives we must nurture ourselves from time to time.  How often do you set aside time to do just that?

Statistically, we know that “less than once a year” is the most common answer among women as a whole.  We are so programed to give to others that we give and give until we fall down in exhaustion.

Roots will shrivel up and die without the proper nourishment, water, and so on.  The same is true for you.

We as women become; cranky, depleted, desperatefor relieve in any form and we will take it, even if it is poison.  Lots of other things suffer from this lack of nourishment also.  Our relationships, our friendships, our professional polish and acute knowledge of being right there with the perfect answer at the right time becomes diminished.  Our affections grow cold and calculating.  We become the “ugly person” that we vowed we would never become. 

Look today for something close to home where you can get some type of nourishment.  It may be in your local church, community center, women’s group, spa, local massage and nail salon, a group of your friends all get together and plan something and put it down in writing in red on your calendar and nothing can erase it from you calendar.

Once you see how much you really needed that refreshment and the results of having it, you will want a red letter day on your calendar monthly or at least quarterly.  Believe me, you will be a much happier, effective woman once you do so.