Feeding Your Mind

What did you feed your mind today?

Every day we feed our minds with food, images, ideas, words, feelings, conversations, advertisements from all types of sources, sounds, noises which are loud, soft, pleasing jarring, we feed our minds with unintentional things which we allow in and they change us in ways that shape our lives and we are not aware of them.  What did you allow into your mind today?  Do you realize that everything you all intentionally and everything you allow unintentionally will set your course in life?  Think about that for a moment.  I know you have never given that a thought before because no one has ever brought it to your attention before.  This fact and it is a fact is very, very important.  You must guard what is going into that beautiful brain of yours.  You only get one you know so take very good care of it.

If you allow junk in; guess what comes out?  Yep….junk.  If you feed it junk, high fat, high calorie, sugary drinks, alcohol, or recreational drugs, guess what happens?  Basically you kill off brain cells and big parts of your brain that you need in order to function and your brain dies.  It is simple.  You are killing your brain on bite and one hit at a time and you are voluntarily doing it to yourself.  You have a choice to make keep your brain and keep brain function or kill it off.  The choice is yours.

Here’s something else to think about;  do you find yourself in the same mess time after time?  By that I mean; do you find yourself in the same awkward place where you have made a poor decision yet again and find yourself in a place of embarrassment and you feel there is no place for you to hide, no place for you to escape and you are mortified, you want to run and hide in your closet and just wait about 5 years for things to blow over? Yep….we’ve all been there, do you know why this happens?  Would you like to know how you can never have this happen to you again?

This has to do with your brain and how you make decisions in your life.  You first have to clean up who you hang around with.  When you hang around people who have wrong thinking you make wrong decisions and you get into the exact situation described above.  When you stop associating with people like this decision which get you into trouble stop happening.  The second thing you must do is to start getting around people who have the right thinking and who know how to make decisions based on facts and principles and know what consequences are and know what accountability is for actions associated with decisions means.  Yes, you can find them.  They are all around you.  Once you begin to see them and get into these groups, life will look much different to you.

You must next look into your eating and exercise and begin to feed your brain healthy food and exercise.  If your brain isn’t healthy you will not think correctly and your body will not work properly.  It is your job to become educated about how your brain works and what healthy nutrition is.  No one will do this for you.  Not your mother, not your spouse, not your significant other, not your children, not the government, only YOU!  You are responsible.  So step up and get yourself educated.  There are no short cuts.  There are no magic bullets. Food that is processed is not healthy and that is the bottom line.  Know what is on it, and in it before you put it in your mouth, because it is going to be in your cells, and in your brain and have a direct effect on your body and how you are able to think and function.

When we surround ourselves with those that are healthy, vibrant, have excellent brains, make great decisions, are great leaders and are doing good, we live more vibrant lives.  Try it and see if your life doesn’t change for the better~!



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