Factor # 5 Outcomes for Buisness & Personal Life

We are currently on the fifth factor entitled OUTCOMES on a exploration of the 7 factors which influence our Business Lives and our Personal Lives.  To date we have seen how Time, Preparation, Planning and Support play a role in the daily paths that we travel between business and personal life.

Today we are going to talk about Facotr #5 “OUTCOOMES”.  I am a big fan of looking at all the outcomes of a possible decision or reply that I must make or that will in some way affect me, my family, my business or whatever is on the table. 

With my coaching clients I call this the “Y” in the road.  When one come to the moment of decision there are several possibilities that can and will occur.  Being prepared with a concrete course of action takes the “fear” out of the outcome of the decision.  Here’s what I mean. 

If the answer is “NO” then I will _____________________(insert exactly the next steps you will take and move on.) 

If the answer is “YES” then I will ____________________(insert the exact next step you will take). 

 If the answer is “NOT NOW” then I will ________________________(insert the exact next step you will take). 

If the answer is “A WILD CARD” then I will __________________________(insert the exact next step you will take). 

 Why is this important?   It is important because once we know what our response will be, we can immediately begin to “MOVE ON”. 

Dwelling on the decision creates doubt and feelings of unworthiness and puts us all on shaky ground.  Having a game plan, takes all the negative energy right out of this line of thought.

Next time we will look at the role of “SUCCESS FIRST” plays in our 7 factors.