Factor #4 in the Growth in your Business & Personal Life

We are currently on a 7 part journey in our quest for the 7 factors in the Growth process of your Personal and Business Life.  Our past posts have been about:  Time, Preparations, Planning and now we have come to the 4th factor which is SUPPORT.

It is my experience that without SUPPORT we ultimately fail.  Not 100% of the time but its close.  I have used a time honored example of how hanging around with the right people bring about the right results and when we hang around with a bunch of bad apples the whole bag rots.  Here’s my example.  Many moons ago, I lead a Girl Scout Troop and in the years of Junior High School I saw a pararel with the training I was doing for the adults and these tweens.  I did the same experiement in two different places with the same result.  I took a brown paper bag and I put 4 perfect apples into each bag.  I then accidently on purpose dropped one and caused it to split and then I tossed it into the bag.  I let the bag just sit for a week or so and when I noticed the speage of juice and a funky smell coming from the bag, I had one of the girls and one of the adults come up and open the bag.  In each case the person’s head snapped back at the sight and smell of the entire bag of apples which had rotted.  Well you get the idea here.

The people that we hang around with as our support group becomes vitally important to our ability to succeed. 

How about your support group?

Who is in your support group?

If I asked you to put a “+” next to those that positivily support and uplift you how many pluses do you have?

If I asked you to put a “-” next to those that pull you down and give you negetivity, how many negative signs do you have?

Think long and hard about those whom you choose to be part of this inner group next to you.

Now think about how you impact those that you consider yourself a member of their support group.  Would they put a “+” or a “-” next to your name?

Next time Factor #5 “OUTCOMES”